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Maogan CONAN


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Bretagne / France

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Welcome to my portfolio. I am delighted to welcome you into my world and present my work to you. Explore my site and discover my latest collaborations, commissioned works and personal projects.

Through many years of work and training, I have developed a solid career in this sector. Each of these experiences was an opportunity for me to progress, both personally and professionally.

Do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your project or a possible collaboration.

Mes inspirations

Mes inspirations
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Exemple de films : Brasil, Suckerpunch, Madmax, Braindead, Las Vegas Parano, Neon demon, Paprika, Tusk, La vie aquatique, The Grand Budapest Hotel...

Cinéma surréaliste et onirique

Before I even knew how to explain it, I appreciated this style of cinema. At once absurd, creative and anarchic. It is perhaps the most artistic style of cinema. A far cry from black and white arthouse films behind a window on a rainy day. Here it’s quite the opposite! Shapes and colors distort into a rainbow of sensations.

The universe is often very fanciful and allows the viewer to dream. Real AUDIO and VISUAL experiences.

Black metal et
electro minimaliste

Both dark and embracing. This is the definition of the music I usually listen to. For me life is not the same without music. When I was 16 I discovered black metal, an often unloved style of extreme metal. My first love was for symphonic groups like Dimmu Borgir. But very quickly I learned to appreciate "real" black metal which is much more raw. Electro arrived next, but given that certain patterns are closer to metal it was natural to turn to this style too.

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Exemple de musiques : Shining, Mayhem, Darkthrone, Emperor, M1DY, Carpathian Forest, KAS:ST, Sewerslut, Sun O))), Tommy Cash, Salvatore Ganacci

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Véhicules et

My passion for vehicles started with my Peugeot 103 at 14 years old. I took it apart to understand it better and learn. This passion even made my decision on the choice of baccalaureate. I chose the STI baccalaureate solely to learn how to machine engine parts.

The different video games have reinforced this interest. Today I work as an employee in the car industry. But watch out for big cars! I am a video manager for model car brands. These are realistic reproductions at 1/18.

For Youtube, I was an observer from its creation until 2009. A video by Davy Mourrier motivated me to learn video. I started by creating special effects on after effects. At the time there were very few resources.

The first tutorials I followed were with Video Copilot, Indy Mogul and Film Riot. The start of Youtube was very pleasant. It was the boom of “podcasters” like Norman who started making videos. Since there were few creators, we met on Skype to talk all night long. Between YouTubers from the province, we were very united. It was at this time that I learned all the basics of video. At the time I was already filming with a SLR (a Canon 600D), and people asked me a lot of questions about it. Then I always wanted to learn more! I searched the forums, discovered camera names unknown to the general public at the time. It was the big debut of Red and Alexa. From there I never stopped learning.

Animation japonaise
et Cyberpunk

Initiated quite late (16 years old) with my best friend, Louis. The first Anime I watched was Death Note. I really loved the narration, the details, the psychology of the characters... I had a lot of prejudices, but Death Note made me completely change my mind. Then alone and thanks to my wife, I discovered other masterpieces. And the universe that I like the most in Japanese animation is with Cyberpunk themes. Today this visual is present everywhere! It’s perfect because I love it!

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Exemple d'anime cyberpunk et seinen autre : Serial Experiment Lain, Ergo Proxy, Gunnm, Ghost in the shell, Akira, Kino no tabi....

Mon Parcours (Activités principales)

Sept 2016 à Aujourd'hui
Scorpion Vidéo Production

Mai 2021 à Aujourd'hui
Creative Holding

2015 - 2016
ESRA Bretagne


Les Passeurs d'images et de sons




Creator of the company Scorpion Vidéo Production. Even if the legal form has changed several times, I have always been there.

Main activity as an employee since 2021. My main task is video production. I also take photos, community management (Instagram and TikTok) and various activities (graphics, electronics, etc.)

This company is a holding company for the companies Solido, Ottomobile, GT Spirit, Donut Events...

Audiovisual Technician Training.

Shooting techniques, introduction to production
and assembly technique. Production of news, a
documentary, a webmag and a radio show

Service civique dans une association. Cette association réalise des ateliers pour aider à la création de documentaires. L'autre mission est de faire découvrir ce style de cinéma au plus grand nombre.

Creation of my first YouTube channel alongside my studies. Long before the word “influencer” was invented, I took a chance. This was my number one motivation to learn video. I met incredible people there!

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